Record Number of Students Compete in Knovel's University Challenge

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From a press release by Knovel on Jan. 24, 2011:

Knovel  today announced the winners of the 2010 University Challenge. With more than 10,000 eligible entries submitted from students representing more than 500 universities worldwide, the 2010 competition was the most successful since the program launched in 2007. Each year, the Knovel University Challenge presents 12 questions on engineering-related topics, and students can use Knovel to research and find the answers. Eligible entries are based upon correctly answering a minimum of three questions out of twelve.

The worldwide competition, which launches each fall, has become a popular way for University librarians to introduce top-notch library resources to students as they learn how to research, problem solve, and prepare for a competitive workforce. In fact, participation in the 2010 competition was a requirement for more than 600 students in a freshmen engineering program at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.
Patricia Kirkwood, Engineering and Mathematics librarian and associate professor, explains why the University Challenge is now required for her students, “We want them to learn how to use high quality resources and the Knovel Challenge shows them that that’s easier than expected. Unlike web search engines, Knovel searches always find data and information from reliable technical resources. You don’t have to pore through a page of questionable options.”

Knovel awarded 21 prizes this year including a special prize for the school that had the most entries. That prize went to Benjamin Sissons from University of Arkansas. Nine others schools qualified for the “contest-within-the-contest” by having more than 100 students participate.

The 2010 grand prize recipient was Moustapha Adoum from the University of California, San Diego. The first prize recipient was Jacob Dodson of Virginia Tech.
For a complete list of the 2010 Knovel University Challenge winners, visit

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