New From ACRL – "Collection Development in a Changing Environment"

by | Jan 7, 2011 | 0 comments

ACRL announces the publication of “Collection Development in a Changing Environment: Policies and Organization for College and University Libraries” (CLIP Note #42), compiled and authored by Susanne K. Clement and Jennifer M. Foy.

“Collection Development in a Changing Environment” highlights collection development and management policies for college and university libraries. For each collection development policy element, the authors provide examples of traditional policy language along with examination of unique, forward thinking and strategic language. The topical organization of the work will be useful for a wide variety of large and small college and university libraries, and will facilitate creation of new collections policies or inform revisions and updates of existing policies.

“Collection Development in a Changing Environment” is the first digital publication in the ClipNote series. The digital format allows the authors to feature hyperlinked excerpts of policies from more than 60 libraries. Available in PDF e-book format, “Collection Development in a Changing Environment” (CLIP Note #42) is available for purchase by credit card only through the ALA Online Store.

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