In response to increased demand for authoritative resources covering international issues, the widely respected CQ Global Researcher will double its annual publication frequency in 2011—from 12 to 24 reports.

Available exclusively online, the in-depth, single-topic reports of CQ Global Researcher showcase the tradition of CQ Press’ authoritative, nonpartisan reporting and analysis through balanced coverage of headline-making world news.

Launched in 2007, CQ Global Researcher has been lauded by critics. “If the television equivalent of a newspaper is network news, then CQ Global Researcher is more akin to Frontline on PBS,” wrote The Charleston Advisor in October 2010. “CQ Global Researcher is an apt resource for fostering international perspectives in students.” CQ Global Researcher was named to Library Journal’s Best Reference list in 2007.

Modeled after the award-winning CQ Researcher, CQ Global Researcher delivers definitive, in-depth coverage of pressing political, social, environmental and regional issues from around the globe. Each original, engaging report is an excellent starting point for research, topic selection, debate preparation or just keeping up with global affairs. Recent topics covered include: Crime in Latin America, Social Welfare in Europe, and Press Freedom.

Now with 24 reports per year, CQ Global Researcher provides libraries with even more content for their students and patrons. Upcoming reports in 2011 will cover hot topics including: The Future of the Catholic Church, as well as Communism Today.