Sustainability Survey for Academic Libraries

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In the library world, sustainability is quite often used to refer to the preservation and archiving of content. Please tell us about sustainability efforts at your institution—we want to know what’s happening, and what you think about it, too. What needs more emphasis? What remains muddled or confusing or simply undone? Is sustainability an appropriate focus for the academic library?

Sustainable development was classically defined in the 1989 Brundtland Report as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” It is generally divided into three categories: social, economic, and environmental sustainability. In this survey, we focus on environmental sustainability – that is, living in such a way that the well-being of future generations will not be compromised – but you’ll also see some items relevant to social and economic sustainability.

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This survey covers a lot but it is short—only 20 questions, which we estimate can be answered in 15-20 minutes. We really need your input, and have designed these questions to gather information that can be used to shape recommendations for library initiatives related to sustainability.

There’s also space at the end for adding links, recommended reading, and comments and questions. We are eager to have your thoughts—and to hear your opinions, too. Please tell us about any interesting questions or comments you’ve had from patrons.

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