National Diet Library of Japan Adds 4 million Records to WorldCat

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DUBLIN, Ohio, December 15, 2010—The National Diet Library has successfully added 4 million records to WorldCat, making these valuable research resources more visible and accessible to scholars, students and Web searchers worldwide through the world’s most comprehensive database of materials held by libraries.In June, the National Diet Library and OCLC announced their agreement “to cooperate for the benefit of libraries, library patrons and end users of information services.” OCLC staff from Leiden, the Netherlands, and Dublin, Ohio, USA, worked with National Diet Library staff to create a conversion program to convert JAPAN/MARC to MARC 21 records. Cataloging staff with language expertise were also critical to the successful data conversion and load into WorldCat. The addition of Japan’s National Diet Library records increases the number of records containing CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) script data in WorldCat by nearly 33 percent.
The National Diet Library has been using WorldCat for current cataloging of Western language materials since 2007. Through the new agreement with OCLC, the National Diet Library will contribute the contents of the JAPAN/MARC database, the official national bibliography of Japan, to WorldCat on a regular basis. The National Diet Library will send updates of bibliographic records about four times a year and will provide JAPAN/MARC (A) authority records. Kinokuniya Company Ltd., OCLC’s distributor in Japan for 24 years, helped to facilitate this cooperative effort.
WorldCat is a database of bibliographic information built continuously by OCLC libraries around the world since 1971. Each record in the WorldCat database contains a bibliographic description of a single item or work and a list of institutions that hold the item. The institutions share these records, using them to create local catalogs, arrange interlibrary loans and conduct reference work. Libraries contribute records for items not found in WorldCat using the OCLC shared cataloging system.
Since 1971, 200 million records have been added to WorldCat, spanning more than 6,000 years of recorded knowledge, from about 4800 B.C. to the present. This unique collection of information encompasses records in a variety of formats—books, e-books, serials, sound recordings, musical scores, maps, visual materials, mixed materials and computer files. Like the knowledge it describes, WorldCat growssteadily. Every second, library members add seven records to WorldCat. Once records have been added to WorldCat, they are discoverable on the Web through popular search and partner sites, and
The OCLC cooperative has a long tradition of working with national libraries around the world to facilitate shared cataloging, record exchange, digitization, resource sharing and document delivery. A map displaying national libraries with records in WorldCat is on the OCLC Web site.

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