T&F Wins Publisher of the Year

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Taylor & Francis Journals awarded International Publisher of the Year 2010 Abingdon, November 25th 2010

Taylor & Francis Journals have been awarded International Publisher of the Year by the International Printers’ Network (IPN). The award was given to Taylor & Francis in recognition of their pioneering use of digital printing technology to reduce their carbon footprint and improve delivery times to subscribers. Rather than printing in one location and then shipping issues worldwide, Taylor & Francis have worked with their suppliers on a distributed print-on-demand model, splitting the print run across the Europe, the US and Asia for onward distribution to local subscribers. This was achieved by close collaboration with Hobbs the Printers Ltd., UK, Odyssey Press Inc., USA and Markono Print Media Pte Ltd., Singapore.

The award was presented at Taylor & Francis UK offices by David Hobbs of Hobbs the Printers, and Tad Parker from Odyssey Press to Ian Bannerman, Managing Director of Taylor & Francis Journals. Presenting the award, David Hobbs explained that “ensuring quality and consistency was key to making this project work. By collaborating with Markono and Odyssey Press to use the same printing technologies we are able to ensure that a Taylor & Francis journal printed in the UK is identical to one created in the USA or Singapore.”

On accepting the award, Ian commented “With so much innovation focused around our online content, innovation in digital printing is often overlooked and I would like to thank the IPN for their support and commitment as we made significant changes to the ways in which we print and distribute our content, delivering benefits to the environment and to our subscribers.”

For more information please contact:
Jennifer McMillan, Library Marketing Manager, Taylor & Francis Group Journals
Tel:  +44 (0) 207 017 6000
e-mail: Library@tandf.co.uk

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