Charleston Conference: Breaking from the Past

by | Nov 10, 2010 | 0 comments

from Library Journal, November 4, 2010
by Josh Hadro

This year marks 30 years for the Charleston Conference. The confab of academic acquisitions librarians and vendors started today and runs through Saturday. To celebrate, posters illustrating previous gatherings were on display in the conference hotel lobby, while an opening video montage highlighted past conference themes.

But any inclination toward nostalgia met its end right there. During each of the conference’s two morning keynotes, a break from past practice was proposed, coupled with suggestions for new approaches to making materials available to users. In terms of books and serials, University of Utah associate director for scholarly resources and collections Rick Anderson told the audience that libraries have outgrown old practices for building collections, while consultant and GiantChair CEO Joseph Esposito described a new model for collaborating on digital collections—but cautioned that unfettered access to those collections can subvert efforts toward financial sustainability.

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