NFAIS Workshop on Improving the User Search Experience: Leveraging Content to Improve Discoverability and Use

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Question: In a world of information overload can information discovery – and therefore its ultimate use – be optimized? This NFAIS workshop, scheduled from 9:00am – 4:30pm on October 13th in Philadelphia, PA will provide some answers for both content providers and librarians.. Virtual attendance is optional for those unable to travel to Philadelphia.

Come and learn from experts such as Jake Zarnegar, President, Silver Chair Information Systems, who will open the meeting with an overview on the importance of content organization and structure, the effective use of taxonomies, thesauri, indexes, and metadata, and the importance of semantic tagging to create “smart” content. Speakers from Wolters Kluwer and The H.W. Wilson Company will present case studies on the effective use of taxonomies and you will hear from OCLC on the leveraging of metadata as demonstrated by OCLC’s WorldCat Genres.

After lunch the speakers from CSA and Thomson Reuters Healthcare & Science will discuss indexing and tagging as a method of improving information discovery, not only at the article level, but also at a much more granular level (charts, tables, etc.).

And you will learn from representatives of the New England Journal of Medicine and Science how they are including multimedia and user-generated content to enhance the overall utility of their products and services. IEEE will present a case study on the use of automated or computer-assisted indexing will be presented as a potential tool for managing information overload. And in closing, you will learn about a new initiative for the development of best practices to ensure the discoverability and preservation of supplemental materials that are included as part of many scholarly and scientific journals.

The program, registration forms, directions to the meeting location, list of nearby hotels, and general information on Philadelphia are available at:

On-site Attendance: NFAIS members pay $425 and non-members pay $475.Continetnal breakfast, lunch and all day beverages are included

Virtual Attendance: NFAIS members pay $375 and non-members pay $425.

Reduced virtual registrations are available for groups of 3, 6 or unlimited attendees (go to the registration site for more information:

For more information contact: Jill O’Neill, NFAIS Director, Communication and Planning, 215-893-1561 (phone); 215-893-1564 (fax); or go to

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