CCC Expands Partnership Program & Partners with Pubget & Study.Net

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Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a not-for-profit organization and leading provider of licensing solutions, announced the expansion of its partner program and details of its recent partnerships with life sciences PDF search platform Pubget and Web-based learning resource Study.Net.

CCC works with leading application vendors, publishing platform providers and content aggregators to provide mutual customers with easy-to-use rights licensing and advisory tools within their applications’ workflow. This is enabled through CCC’s Web Services, which provide automated access to CCC’s rich rights licensing database for the purpose of search, pricing, and ordering of copyright permissions. The partner program has recently been expanded to include opportunities for business and academic associations, consortia and workflow enablers to improve the value of their own products and services by including licensing capabilities.        

“Our goal is to simplify the process of obtaining copyright permissions,” said Diane Pierson, Vice President, Marketing, Copyright Clearance Center.  “The combination of leading application and service providers and CCC’s management  of copyright compliance, offers content users the ability to get the permissions they need integrated into their daily workflow.”
Pubget, the search engine for life science PDFs, has launched a “Get Permissions” feature across its article pages, making one-click access to copyright licenses possible from the Pubget research platform, extending Pubget’s copyright compliance efforts.  Permissions now offered through Pubget include rights to post to course management systems, re-publish in journals or books, present at conferences, or make other commercial uses of the PDFs delivered through Pubget.

“One of Pubget’s missions is to make copyright compliance easier for scientific researchers,” said Ryan Jones, President of Pubget.  “CCC helps us extend the value of each individual article to our users as well as to the article publishers.”

Study.Net, the Web-based learning resource designed to accelerate and enhance the educational experience for students and professors around the world, now allows users to obtain copyright permissions when a professor or staff member uploads digital scans of copyrighted content into Study.Net-based courses.

“This partnership simplifies copyright and minimizes the traditional lag time between requesting and receiving copyright permissions,” said Jay McGoodwin, President and CEO of Study.Net Corporation.  “The efficiency of this process will not only allow professors greater flexibility in selecting and distributing content, but will also help schools remain copyright compliant.”

For more information about CCC’s partner program and CCC’s Web Services, visit

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