BCALA Accessible Archives & Unlimited Priorities Student Travel Scholarship Winners Announced

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The travel scholarship is to cover registration for the 7th National Conference of African American Librarians (NCAAL) for applicants who are active members of BCALA and are graduate students in accredited library school graduate programs. Accessible Archives awarded seven (7) scholarships to seven (7) students to attend the 7th NCAAL in Birmingham, AL from August 4-8, 2010 (see www.bcala.org). The committee consisted of Cheryl Crosby, representing Accessible Archives Inc. and Unlimited Priorities Corporation, and Kelvin Watson, MLS, Head, Acquisitions and Collection Development Branch and Chief Collection Development Officer, National Agricultural Library, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture. The award committee is delighted to announce the following seven winners of the 2010 BCALA Accessible Archives & Unlimited Priorities Student Travel Scholarship:

Chermaine Burleson—Chermaine is a graduate student enrolled in the Library Science program at the University of North Texas. Chermaine wrote, “My plan for the future is to become a special collections acquisitions specialist for the Library of Congress. For me this is a lifelong dream coming true. I am a musician who loves to read and research any topic under the sun. If I can sing about it, I want to know about it. If I can see the images off the pages I want to experience them. If I can improve parts of people’s lives and my own in addition, I want to do so.”

Angela Durr—Angela is a first-year graduate student enrolled in the Library Science program at University of North Texas. Angela wrote, “My librarianship focus is law librarianship. Upon graduating from the University of North Texas next May I will be going on to Law School. I plan on returning to school to get my doctorate in political science and eventually becoming the dean of an academic law library. I know there are very few African Americans or Women employed at this capacity currently which makes me even more motivated to reach my goals.”

Jamillah R. Gabriel—Jamillah is a graduate student enrolled in the Library Science program at San Jose State University. Jamillah wrote, “I have a particular affinity for BCALA because it so closely mirrors the goals I want to accomplish as a librarian; I admire BCALA’s commitment to providing services to African American and I am grateful for its dedication to developing African American librarians. As a new student member of the organization, I am looking forward to connecting with fellow members and furthering the mission of the Caucus through both professional and socially conscious endeavors.”

Christina Herd—Christina is a graduate student enrolled in the Library and Information Science program at San Jose State University. Christina wrote, “I have been reaching out and making connections with leaders and librarians within my community and I would benefit from expanding it through the NCAAL attendees. …Now that I am one semester away from fulfilling my academic requirements, I want to equip myself with the knowledge and skill to carry out the responsibility, I feel I have, of making information accessible to underrepresented patrons, making the library a place where underrepresented patrons can feel a belonging and feel welcomed and implementing innovative ways to disseminate information customized for different ethnic groups. ”

Tuere R. Murray—Tuere is a graduate student enrolled in the Library Science program at the University of Oklahoma while working at the Langston University Library. Tuere wrote, “I have grown to understand that underrepresentation of minority librarians is a threat to preserving the culture of our communities. My passion is to work in an archival environment concentrating on preserving and interpreting state and local history in order to make the past more meaningful to all Americans.”

Adam Townes—Adam is a first year doctoral student enrolled in the Information Studies program at Drexel University. Adam wrote, “I would be interested in possibly using Accessible Archives as a part of a research study with the intention of utilizing the digitized primary source materials to enrich the classroom setting of inner city school. I would also be interested in attempting to utilize Accessible Archives immersive properties to develop a program for the local public library as well as expanding the multimedia resources of the branch libraries…In closing, I believe that attending this conference (NCAAL) is necessary for the intellectual advancement of my research. Information access is important in bridging the information equity issues. Without a doubt this would be an unparalleled chance for me to networ k with people who have common interests.”

Ashanti White-Jackson—Ashanti is an ACE Scholar in library school at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Ashanti wrote, “On August 6, 2010, at the 7th Annual Culture Keepers Conference, I will present ‘Librarian 2.0: Exploring Innovative Methods to Increase Minority Representation in Librarianship.’ This session will highlight the importance of minority librarianship, explore theories and obstacles that hinder minority interest and participation in the field of librarianship, and discuss possible measures that libraries and universities can implement to increase minority recruits. Following in the methods employed from my paper, ‘Addressing the Educational Needs of Economically Disadvantaged Elementary-aged Children: a Primary Study’ that wil l be presented in a poster session at the national ALA Conference in Washington, D.C., I plan to interview a number of public, academic, and special librarians and paraprofessionals in addition to professors from various institutions to gain comprehensive insight into this study. Receiving the Accessible Archives & Unlimited Priorities Travel Scholarship will not only cover the expenses of traveling to Birmingham and attending the Culture Keepers Conference, it will also provide me with the resources and freedom to effectively research institution recruitment activities and interview individuals that can provide extensive insight into this subject.”

These distinguished students are active members of BCALA and they each did an excellent job of articulating their potential for positive contributions to their career field of Library Science. We are proud of you and congratulate you!

National Conference of African American Librarians
“Culture Keepers VII: Bridging the Divide with Information Access, Activism and Advocacy”
August 4-8, 2010
Birmingham, Alabama

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