From a press release issued by Atex on July 12, 2010:

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) released its next-generation discovery online platform, Scitation C³, powered by the Atex Polopoly Web content management system. The Polopoly Web CMS provides the tools for AIP to integrate its publishing process with its hosting system, to build content-driven functionality, and to create new versions of its sites for use on mobile and tablet devices. Currently, the Polopoly system is hosting 12 AIP archival journals and three eBook sites, with plans to migrate all remaining AIP publications in the coming months.

“The Atex Polopoly system was a key factor in being able to launch the new Scitation C³ platform in under six months,” said Larry Belmont, AIP’s Manager of Scitation Development. “It’s much more than a content management system. It’s a true content development platform that, together with our XML server, allowed us to build an entire site of new features and services twice as fast as in the past.”

Paul DeCillis, AIP’s Director of Online Publishing added, “This is a significant milestone for us, as it marks the culmination of many months of work to re-imagine the Scitation platform from the ground up. We recognize that today’s researchers have less time to spend per article. In designing the new AIP journal pages, we broke free from traditional print-based, linear design. The new websites have significantly reduced discovery and reading time by exposing content components in the XML.”

AIP began using the Atex Polopoly Web CMS in 2008. The system’s unified content approach allows AIP editors to publish content, create microsites, and build new Web pages without requiring extensive technical expertise. The Polopoly system also gave AIP a highly reliable architecture that is scalable and efficient enough to support its current and future demands. For C³, the Polopoly system provides an administration GUI (graphical user interface) control panel that lets AIP’s Web managers customize the entire user experience without writing a single line of code.

Today, Scitation hosts two million articles from more than 200 scholarly publications for 28 learned society publishers. C³ represents best-of-breed technology with an XML foundation and flexible Polopoly framework for multi-channel distribution of content and services. The system enables publishers and end-users to interact with content from a single system, creating an environment for content producers to open up future publishing channels.

Key to C³’s design is a new abstract rendering feature that includes an “article object” browser. Subscribers can now view all tables and figures in an article directly from the abstract view, which is where many researchers begin their interaction with an article. Other elements contained in the full XML article, such as the outline and sectioning, can be surfaced on the abstract page, providing quick access to the article’s content.

Moving forward, AIP will continue using Polopoly to enhance Scitation’s features and functionality, including: more advanced tagging and categorization; greater integration with popular Web applications to accommodate features such as mash-ups and geographic tracking; flexible publisher tools for adding and controlling content in real time; and enriched functionality for non-journal content such as books, standards, magazines and newsletters.

“The latest Polopoly-based solution from AIP is evidence of how Atex technology can deliver valuable digital transformation tools for professional associations and STM publishers,” said Gustaf Sahlman, Polopoly CEO. “The success of this project is due to the close cooperation between the Atex and AIP development and implementation teams. We entered this partnership with the shared vision of building an innovative Web 3.0 discovery platform for AIP’s professional community. With the Polopoly system, AIP was able to achieve this goal, as well as to create a Web CMS environment that is highly available, scalable, responsive, and flexible enough to support new online opportunities and changing business requirements.”

To learn more about AIP, download a copy of the AIP case study, or for more information about the Polopoly Web CMS platform, please visit the Atex website