GVSU says Summon is impacting student use of the library

by | Jun 4, 2010 | 0 comments

An analysis of resource usage conducted at Michigan’s Grand Valley State University (GVSU) shows that the library’s implementation of the Summon™ web scale discovery service has had a significant impact on how students connect to content and the type of content they use.  The Summon™ service was introduced by Serials Solutions last year, enabling library users to search the breadth of library collections in a single search.  Serials Solutions is a business unit of ProQuest.
Led by GVSU’s Head of Collection Development Doug Way, the library compared year- over-year use of databases, journals, and link-resolvers before and after the Summon™ implementation.  Results show:

  • Summon™ is enabling students to go directly to full-text, boosting the use of a variety of databases.  For example, Academic Search Premier saw a usage increase of 92% and ABI/INFORM rose 354%.
  • Journal usage is up significantly.  Before Summon™, the use of individual journals in which the library had invested was generally going down.  However, after Summon™’s implementation at the close of August 2009, GVSU’s top 100 journals showed an average increase in usage of 48% and the top 1000 had increased usage of 82%. 
  • Increased usage occurs even for databases from content providers that are not participating in the Summon™ service, a result of the service’s indexing of the same content from alternate sources.
  • Summon™ is having an impact on the type of content students are choosing.  For example, the library has seen a significant increase in the use of newspaper content.

Way presented the library’s findings at a webinar entitled “The Success of Web-Scale Discovery in Returning Net-Gen Users to the Library,” which was hosted by Serials Solutions and Library Journal. The entire presentation is archived at http://www.libraryjournal.com/webcastsDetail/2140493351.html.

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