Amplified Press Release: Springer Open Choice Uptake Affects 2011 Journal Pricing

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Katina Strauch, editor of Against the Grain, speaks with Wim Van der Stelt,  EVP, Business Development at Springer, about Springer Open Choice.  View original press release here.

ATG: Can you tell us more about your detailed financial analysis? Is there a URL that will reveal more specifics? Can you tell us the 30 journals that are involved and how the pricing was adjusted?

WV: The price adjustments will be in proportion to the percentage of paid open access articles, but we have not yet set our 2011 prices, so there are we are unable to provide details at this time. We are more than happy to provide you with the list of journals involved, click here.

ATG: What proportion of the journals with the open access option do the 30 journals represent?

WV: We have about 1,300 journals that have the Springer Open Choice option, and were talking about just over 30 journals here, so approximately 2 percent.

ATG: Will the pricing be adjusted for all subscribers to the journal (libraries, individuals, consortia, etc.)?

WV: All subscribers who have arrangements in which the list price applies will be affected.

ATG: Will the adjusted pricing be maintained in the future?

WV: This depends on the number of paid Open Choice articles we publish each year – a number which can and will fluctuate, obviously.

ATGDid the fees for Open Choice come from the library, the faculty member or the university administration or some other source? If the sources varied, can you give us an idea of the distribution of the sources?

WV: The majority of the fees were paid directly by the author, but we do not have information on where she or he gets it from.

ATG: Are the open access fees one time or continuing costs?

 WV: The Open Choice fee is a one-time fee that leads to a permanent, immediately freely available article with liberal usage rights.

ATG: Is the acceptance of this form of open access option accelerating?

WV: The acceptance of our Open Choice publishing option is growing, but it is growing slowly.

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