Gale, part of Cengage Learning, today announced a partnership with ABC-CLIO to distribute select titles from ABC-CLIO’s eBook collection through Gale Virtual Reference Library, Gale’s eBook platform providing access to thousands of authoritative reference works.

Directed toward users of public and academic libraries, nearly 250 eBooks have been selected from a variety of disciplines including history, humanities, current events and general interest.  These titles introduce resources from ABC-CLIO and Praeger to Gale’s collection, expanding upon Gale Virtual Reference Library’s existing list of ABC-CLIO imprint eBooks from Greenwood, Linworth Publishing, and Libraries Unlimited.

A library’s Gale Virtual Reference LibraryeBook collection is cross-searchable with its other Gale resources, including many periodical solutions and resource centers, providing an even greater search results.

For more information, please contact Linda Busse at [email protected]or Tim Lum at [email protected].