JSTOR Announces Current Collections

by | May 25, 2010 | 0 comments

In conjunction with the 2011 launch of the Current Scholarship Program (CSP), JSTOR is pleased to introduce the Current Collections. Recently, JSTOR announced that 176 titles from 19 publishers will be available in the Current Scholarship Program for the 2011 subscription year. Individual titles will be available and, based on input from our participating libraries, this current content has also been organized into collections that mirror JSTOR’s archive collections. The Current Collections are detailed below. Each collection has a link to a downloadable title list for that Collection, which libraries can use for comparison purposes with their own holdings.

A complete Current Scholarship Program Title List for 2011 Subscription Year (.csv file) is available here. (Please note that in Internet Explorer, these links will open as a text file within your browser. We recommend using Firefox to download these as comma-delimited files.)

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