Program Topic: Moving into the Future: Library Technical Services in Transformation

Sponsored by: Technical Services Managers in Academic Libraries Interest Group

Time: Saturday, June 26, 2010, 8-10 a.m.

Location: MAD-Dolly Madison, BR-lower

Library technical services are undergoing significant changes as tremendous cultural and technological transformations impact libraries and library work. We are moving right into the future as we apply initiatives such as user-initiated services and acquisitions, network level data management, globalization of resource access, elimination of localization, social networked internal communications, organizational change and so on. Technical service staff will need an expanded set of competencies and skills to respond to the swift changes today and tomorrow. Our discussion will cover issues, challenges and solutions in application of some of the initiatives.

Table topics include :

  • The “Organizational Chart” and Location of Technical Services
  • Collaboration of Technical Services with IT Services
  • Better Management of Technical Services Internal Communication
  • Bibliographic Data Creation and Management at Network Level
  • Evaluation of Technical Services Performance
  • Technical Services Staff for the Future

Please join us and other Technical Services Managers in Academic Libraries as we discuss these topics and approaches among small groups in a round-table setting.

Please note: we are the former “Medium Heads” with a new name. We welcome those who have an interest in technical services management in all kinds of libraries.