Against the Grain Crossword

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    1  Award winning online reference library: _____ Reference

    4  Studying to get information

    8  Remain

    9  Making documents available again (legal term)

  11  Surprised expression

  12  Get access

  13  Sailor for short

  15  Leave out

  17  ___ materials

  19  It’s a useful item

  21  Library users

  24  Place to stay

  26  Archiv____

  27  Library ID

  28  Run out, as a subscription

  29  Terminate

  31  This organization will work with H.W. Wilson to transition library subscriptions to the WilsonWeb platform

  32  Extracts

  36  Data base, for short

  37  __ and behold

  38  Deli bread

  39  Plagiarized

  40  Popular information service for libraries


    1  Action of aggregating materials

    2  Digital

    3  Artistic work

    4  Gather information

    5  Oldest and largest library association in the world

    6  Language usage

    7  Court order

  10  National health org.

  14  Goes with humbug

  16  Culture

  18  World’s largest library catalog

  20  Supported by

  22  This Physics Institute recently hired three new publishing experts

  23  Type of feed

  25  They are purchasing the assets of OCLO NetLibrary Division

  29  Large library hall noise

  30  They recently bought Blackwell Book Services: ___ Library Services

  31  Ancient

  33  Library Research Service, for short

  34  Adverb ending

  35  Visit

  36  Beginning of a big name in the Renaissance

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