v.21 #6 Backtalk – I am an Inculte!

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Column Editor: Anthony (Tony) W. Ferguson (Library Director, University of Hong Kong; Phone: 852 2859 2200; Fax: 852 2858 9420) ferguson@hkucc.hku.hk

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In October I spent a week at the Frankfurt Book Fair.  It was interesting, but an unintended consequence of attending and walking through the dozen or so huge halls of publishers’ booths was the realization that I am such an inculte (French), analphabetisch (German), analfabeto (Spanish), illetteato (Italian), herpamoteh (Russian), that is, I am such an illiterate in these and a hundred or so other languages represented in the Frankfurte Buch Messe displays.  I wondered if this is how adults who cannot read books published in their mother tongue feel when they go to their local public libraries.

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