FT Press Launches New Electronic Business Imprint, FT Press Delivers

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From a press release issued by FT Press on Feb. 9, 2010:

FT Press today announced the launch of a new e-publishing imprint, FT Press Delivers (www.ftpress.com/delivers), providing essential insights from the best business books and original writings by some of the leading business thinkers alive today. Contributors include Jim Champy, Brian Solis, Mark Zandi, Jon M. Huntsman, John Kao, Michael Abrashoff, and Seth Goldman.

With the rise of web sites, RSS feeds, blogs, Twitter, and other micro-content producers, people are consuming news in chunks and sound bites, and FT Press Delivers applies that model to business content, delivering information that is practical, relevant, and concise.

This new e-content is provided to consumers via Elements and Shorts. Elements focus on one simple idea relating to work and life based on content from existing FT Press books, offering expert perspectives and solutions. Shorts are original pieces that focus on business-oriented topics and lessons from some of the leading business thinkers today and are published in partnership with New Word City, (www.newwordcity.com). New Word City contributes 10 percent of its profits to literacy causes. Elements and Shorts are easy to read, accessible via computer or electronic devices, including the iPhone, and they fit into the busiest of schedules.

News Facts

  • There are currently 242 Elements and Shorts available; a total of 500 Elements and Shorts will be available by the end of 2010
  • Elements and Shorts are available via Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and the Sony ebookstore
  • Elements are 1,000 to 2,000 words, Shorts are 4,000 to 5,000 words
  • Elements are priced at $1.99, Shorts at $2.99

Learn more about Elements and Shorts by visiting www.ftpress.com/delivers.

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