Springer launches Journal of the Knowledge Economy

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New publication founded in collaboration with George Washington University School of Business and Norwegian Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education

Springer is founding the Journal of the Knowledge Economy, a new quarterly publication sponsored by the Norwegian Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU STEP). The journal was developed under the leadership of founding Editor-in-Chief Professor Elias G. Carayannis of George Washington University in collaboration with Aris Kaloudis, a Senior Researcher at NIFU STEP. Debuting in March 2010, the journal will promote a global, multidisciplinary approach, focusing on the social, technological and economic aspects of knowledge and innovation.

The Journal of the Knowledge Economy is the first journal devoted to the knowledge-based economy, highlighting the role of knowledge creation, diffusion and application across the spectrum of organizations, industries, nations and regions. The journal will incorporate insights from the fields of economics, management, law, sociology, anthropology, psychology and political science to shed new light on the evolving role of knowledge and its economic implications. Articles will emphasize empirical studies, balancing practice and application with theory and concepts.

Journal of the Knowledge Economy: ISSN: 1868-7865 (print), ISSN: 1868-7873 (electronic version)

Joan Robinson, Springer, tel +49-6221-487-8130, joan.robinson@springer.com

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