ProQuest signs the New Statesman to Periodicals Archive Online

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ProQuest is pleased to announce that the complete backfile of the New Statesman will be made available exclusively in Collection 8 of Periodicals Archive Online. The New Statesman is a prestigious publication that, together with The Spectator, has formed the vanguard of the British news weeklies. As it says in the first issue (12 April 1913), the New Statesman was founded “to deal with all current political, social, religious and intellectual questions; but in doing so we shall be bound by no ties of party, class or creed”. With its aim of promoting progressive ideas, modern societies and political democracy, it provides a left-wing counterpoint to The Spectator (which is also provided in Periodicals Archive Online).

The digital edition of New Statesman, spanning the years 1913 to 2000, will make available 88 years of content, covering politics, current affairs, business, the arts, style and travel. Its eminent contributors encompass authors such as George Bernard Shaw, Virginia Woolf, Aldous Huxley and Martin Amis and politicians including British Prime Ministers Clement Attlee, Harold Wilson, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Leading essayists and thinkers also feature such as Norman Mailer, George Steiner, Bertrand Russell, and Noam Chomsky.

In addition to its reporting and commentary, the New Statesman is known for having conducted many campaigns that have irked the establishment, including a sustained assault on British imperialism, and many groundbreaking investigations into issues such as police conduct in the 1981 Brixton riots, ‘supergrass’ arrests in Northern Ireland and US-government backed activities in Asia, Africa and South America.

In order to maximise the value of the digitisation and reflecting the importance of this title, all content printed in colour will be scanned in full colour.

Collection 7 of Periodicals Archive Online has also been completed, with an additional ten journals added including Année Sociologique, Dickens Quarterly and Economic and Social Review.

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