To mark its 260th anniversary, Walter de Gruyter has radically re-thought and modernized its brand image. The publishing house will now be known simply as “De Gruyter” and the re-launch will standardize the company’s image with a common logo and with an emphasis on the quality of the brand. Only two imprints will continue within the overall framework of “De Gruyter:” “De Gruyter Mouton,” which will be solely responsible for linguistics publications in English, and “De Gruyter Saur,” an imprint exclusively for the field of library and information science. The “Max Niemeyer” brand will be integrated into De Gruyter, with the name only continuing in selected publications.

In addition to the new logo, a program is being implemented to bring the cover designs for the various works published by De Gruyter, including periodicals and the user interfaces for e-products, in line with the new image. De Gruyter’s newly designed web site ( launched December 1, 2009, and publicity material such as brochures and catalogs will also be revised.

If you have any questions about De Gruyter’s new branding, please contact:

 Kathryn Ruehle
Marketing, North America
Tel: 212-564-9223
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