Springer launches SpringerMaterials at London Online Information 2009

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Springer Science+Business Media has announced the launch of SpringerMaterialsThe Landolt-Börnstein Database (www.springermaterials.com). It is the world’s largest content platform of selected and critically assessed data in all areas of physical sciences and engineering. The breadth and depth of information is exhaustive: 91,000 online documents, 165,000 substances and materials systems, 3,000 properties and more than one million literature references. SpringerMaterials is the most comprehensive and timely resource of data in physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering on the market.

SpringerMaterials was developed for scientists in academia and research departments in industry sectors such as industrial metals, semiconductors, electrical and electronic engineering, chemicals, aerospace and defense, and oil and gas. Scientists can easily access data on material parameters for their research and rely on critically evaluated information. International experts scan the primary literature in more than 8,000 peer-reviewed journals, and evaluate and select the most valid information to be included in the database. The users of SpringerMaterials save time by gaining quick access to reliable substance properties, functional relationships and numerical data.

SpringerMaterials is available as a subscription database on www.springermaterials.com and includes to date the complete Landolt-Börnstein New Series plus 40,000 REACH documents. In the future, more content and related databases will be added on a quarterly basis, keeping SpringerMaterials at the forefront of materials science.

The official launch of SpringerMaterials will be 1 December 2009 at London Online Information.

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