Springer launches new journal Food Digestion

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Food science and clinical science joined for the first time in a periodical

Springer is founding a new journal Food Digestion, dedicated to a quickly growing area of research – food science combined with the physiology of digestion. The journal will publish two issues in 2010 and increase to four issues in 2011.

Food Digestion will bring together the increasing number of researchers who are working at the interfaces between the physical sciences and nutrition and health. Rigorous, multidisciplinary science is required to understand the impact of food on diet, nutrition and human health and this new journal aims to fill that need. Food Digestion will publish original papers and reviews that describe interrelationships between foods and all aspects of the physiological, biophysical, microbial and neurohumoral components of digestion, acquisition and absorption, with particular emphasis on the role of food structure.

Food Digestion

ISSN: 1869-1978 (print version), ISSN: 1869-1986 (electronic version)

Joan Robinson, Springer, tel +49-6221-487-8130, joan.robinson@springer.com

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