ProQuest Study Reveals Chinese Scholars Seek Western Audience for Research

by | Nov 10, 2009 | 0 comments

Faculty and graduate students are some of the largest users of library services throughout the world. However, the similarities and differences of researcher behavior based on geographical location have not been fully understood. Building upon a study from 2008 that showcased graduate researcher behavior in the USA and Europe, ProQuest has just completed a study of graduate students and researchers in China that explores rapid developments in opportunities for Chinese graduate students to extend academic activity and influence beyond China, particularly to the West. Findings from the just-completed study in China and current research underway in Taiwan will be shared at the Charleston Conference, November 6th and the Consortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan (CONCERT) 2009 Conference November 11th.

The results of the study showcase the extent which researchers’ behaviors differ between Europe, USA and Asia, and the similarities and differences of graduate researchers’ use of library information and resources. The study also compares and contrasts researchers’ major fields of study, preferred means of communication between peers and with faculty, social networking sites used, degree of interests in reviewing research with scholars in other geographic locations, degree of interest in publishing research in other geographic locations, and conference involvement.

Overall, Chinese faculty and doctoral students demonstrated in their responses to this research that they feel confident of entering a new era of academic communication with western scholars and publications, with whom they wish to share academic research findings , while acknowledging the challenges of doing so. The study also highlighted opportunities for librarians to help researchers overcome obstacles and develop even greater skills as peers on the global academic stage.

Mr. Boe Horton will be presenting the complete findings at the Charleston Conference on November 6th from 2:00-2:50 in the Calhoun ballroom at the Francis Marion hotel. He will also present the findings at the Consortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan (CONCERT) 2009 Conference November 11th from 2:00-2:30 in the International Conference Hall at the Institute of Applied Mechanics at National Taiwan University.

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