Charleston Conference Attendees are cordially invited to attend a public talk on Wednesday evening at the College of Charleston campus.

Fabric + Thread = JAZZ!

Dr. Marlene O’Bryant-Seabrook will present the colorful and expertly-crafted quilts that are visual tributes to South Carolina bandleaders and ensemble musicians who became well-known during the jazz heyday of the 1930s. The evening will also feature Dr. Karen Chandler, Associate Professor of Arts Management and Co-Principal of the Charleston Jazz Initiative at the College of Charleston, who will share stunning photographs and other images of the jazz musicians featured in Dr. O’Bryant-Seabrook’s quilts.

Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 6pm

Avery Research Center

125 Bull Street.

Free and Open to the Public.


The Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture, part of the College of Charleston, was established in 1985 to collect, preserve and make public the heritage of African Americans in the South Carolina Lowcountry


This event is sponsored by the Friends of the Library and the Avery Research Center at the College of Charleston

For more information, please call 953-5530.

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