DigCCurr Professional Institute: Curation Practices for the Digital Object Lifecycle: Save the Date!

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May 16-21, 2010 & January 5-6, 2011 (One price for two sessions)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Visit http://ils.unc.edu/digccurr/institute.html for more information.

The institute consists of one five-day session in May 2010 and a two-day follow-up session in January 2011. Each day of the summer session will include lectures, discussion and hands-on “lab” components. A course pack and a private, online discussion space will be provided to supplement learning and application of the material. An opening reception dinner on Sunday, break time treats and coffee, and a dinner on Thursday will also be included.

This institute is designed to foster skills, knowledge and community-building among professionals responsible for the curation of digital materials.


* Regular registration : $650
* Late registration (after April 15, 2010) : $700
* Summer Institute accommodations (includes 5 nights of a private room in a 4 room/2 bath dorm suite on the UNC campus, with kitchen, linens, and internet access) : $300*

We highly recommend that you choose the on-campus accommodations.

If you are a grant recipient working on a digital project, check with your program officer to request approval to use available grant funds to attend the institute.

Institute Instructors:

* From the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Carolyn Hank, Dr. Cal Lee, Dr. Richard Marciano, Dr. Helen Tibbo.
* Dr. Nancy McGovern, from the University of Michigan.
* Dr. Seamus Ross, from the University of Toronto.
* Dr. Manfred Thaller, from the University of Cologne.

Participants in the May event will return to Chapel Hill in Jan 2011 to discuss their experiences in implementing what they have learned in their own work environments. Participants will compare experiences, lessons learned and strategies for continuing progress.

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