OpenSearch with desktop widgets for Apple and PC

by | Oct 27, 2009 | 0 comments

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) now offers remote searching of the platform via OpenSearch ( The new service allows application software to query, and returns results in a machine-readable format that can be reused and redisplayed.

As a demonstration of the new OpenSearch service NPG has developed search desktop widgets. Available for both Mac and PC, the widgets allow users to search without visiting the website. Searches are put together and sent by the widget, and results can be browsed with links back to the relevant article on The widgets are available for download at Apple Downloads and Yahoo! Widgets Gallery. See the screencast on YouTube for an introduction.

Links and more information: OpenSearch search widgets

YouTube screencast:

Public interfaces:

Nascent blog post (October 2009) OpenSearch Service

Nascent blog post (May 2009): A Catalog for

Press release: Nature Publishing Group uses MarkLogic Server to launch enhanced search platform, (July 2009)

Nascent blog post (December 2008): XMP Labelling for Nature:

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