From “A Conversation with Jeff Grubbs” by Stephany Wilken

Ten years ago, we launched ENGnetBASE and CHEMnetBASE, our first netBASE collections and racked up high praise for these cutting-edge products, including accolades and a number of awards from engineering and chemical societies, and also from CHOICE. However, for CRC Press, the creation of our netBASE product line was not so much revolutionary, as it was evolutionary, the obvious next step in service to the CRC Press mission.

To improve our access to your input and make sure nothing is left to chance, we have formalized our lines of communication and put an official Library Advisory Board in place. Populated by seven of your most respected peers, the board is already providing us with direct and honest evaluations of our products and making suggestions regarding enhancements.

The Library Advisory Board (LAB) will spearhead discussion between librarians and CRC about the rapidly changing trends of the 21st century library. The outcome of these discussions will then fuel future development of our digital products.

Through regular correspondence and meetings, LAB members will provide insight and suggestions on all aspects of digital products, including pricing, sales models, functionality, complementary software, usage statistics, and MARC records.

Visit CRC netBASE News Fall 2009 for more info.