Announcing PIRUS 2: a project to develop practical standards for recording and reporting online usage at the individual article level

by | Oct 26, 2009 | 0 comments

PIRUS 2, supported by JISC, the United Kingdom Joint Information Systems Committee, is a co-operative project involving publishers and repositories, which will develop a set of standards, protocols and processes to enable publishers, repositories and other organizations to generate and share authoritative, trustworthy usage statistics for the individual articles and other items that they host.

PIRUS 2 builds on the standards already established by COUNTER and on the results of the original PIRUS (Publisher and Institutional Repository Usage Statistics) project, which demonstrated that it is technically feasible to create record and consolidate usage statistics for individual articles using data from repositories and publishers, despite the diversity of organizational and technical environments in which they operate.

PIRUS 2 is lead by Mimas (The University of Manchester) and Cranfield University; the other primary partners are COUNTER, Oxford University Press and CrossRef. Oxford University, Southampton University and other Institutional Repositories will also participate in PIRUS 2, together with publishers, subject repositories and related projects in the UK, EU and USA. Work on PIRUS 2 commenced in October 2009 and the final report will be published in December 2010.

For further information on PIRUS 2, please go to the project website at:

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