Collaborative Librarianship Call for Papers

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Collaborative Librarianship – Call for Papers
The journal welcomes articles, reports, reviews, and news items that pertain to any aspect of the nature, methodology, promotion, practice and concerns of how all types of libraries, librarians and library consortia work together and work with partners beyond the library community to advance the creation, collection and dissemination of information services. Scholarly articles will undergo peer review. Articles, reports and other items not peer reviewed could be published in other sections of the journal. The journal now invites readers to respond to issues raised in the journal; as appropriate, these responses may be considered for publication.

Collaborative Librarianship welcomes applications from those wishing to be considered as peer reviewers. Please note that the journal wishes to extend its reach internationally.

All inquiries and submissions can be made through the journal’s website, by contacting Ivan Gaetz, or by contacting any of the section editors listed on the journal’s website.

Ivan Gaetz
Managing Editor, Collaborative Librarianship
Regis University
3333 Regis Blvd.
Denver CO 80221-1099

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