More Adventures with the iPhone

by | Jun 20, 2009 | 0 comments

First, I will start by saying that I love my iPhone. It can do everything and is very user friendly. My husband gave me a great mother’s day gift. But on Friday (that’s yesterday) it crashed for the second time since I got it. That’s twice in a little over a month. The first time it crashed I panicked and went to the Apple Store on King Street in downtown Charleston and this very nice woman fixed it in under a minute. It was just a matter of pressing two buttons and holding them down until something happened. And it was all fixed. Voila! “It just gets confused sometimes,” the miraculous fix-it woman told me. So, I pressed those two buttons yesterday and the iPhone was fixed again. Whew! What I want to say next, though, is that computers, smartphones,etc., don’t have nearly the resilience of human beings! We are replacing our laptops and desktops in at least three years and the powers that be are always putting out new products (smartphones, etc.) right after we adapted to the old product which was really new by standards from, say, fifteen years ago! And, you know what, humans don’t get confused nearly as much as computers! Just an observation. Hooray for the living, breathing human being! We do get old but not as quickly as computers. And we are never obsolete!

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