Memorial Day Musings

by | May 25, 2009 | 0 comments

Joe and I went to the beach for the afternoon yesterday (Sunday), which seems completely surreal to me, that it’s possible to do this. We’re 90 minutes from Atlantic Beach and 2 hours from the Outer Banks. We took our youngest dog Zelda with us. She was very well behaved but acted like she wasn’t sure why we were there. I don’t think she was thrilled with the beach. I wish we could find a place where we could take all three dogs and let them run. One of the things I miss about living in Boone is being able to walk my dogs without a leash. We can do it here if we take them out to the end of the neighborhood and down by the railroad tracks, but that requires putting them in the car and driving out there.

Joe has finally gotten rid of his Peugeot station wagon, the car I dubbed “the ugliest car in the universe.” It looked like something out of a bad movie about Africa. Or Haiti. He is now the proud owner of a Ford Ranger pickup truck, which is very utilitarian and reliable. We found it on Craig’s List.

My article about Facebook has been published in ATG. There’s more to be said about social networking. People are doing all kinds of things via Facebook and similar. I hear someone had a baby on Facebook, got married via Facebook, and I personally know someone who spent some time dying by Facebook. Well, not exactly, but he was connected by Internet and Facebook until he couldn’t type anymore. He was a friend from elementary thru high school and served as our Master of Ceremonies and coordinator of our last High School reunion. His name was John Benbow and we all miss him. We talked him into setting up a Facebook site while he was in the last stages of battling cancer. He couldn’t talk (the chemo had rendered him too hoarse) but he could enjoy connecting with old friends by computer. Until the last 2 weeks or so, I continued to receive both occasional personal messages along with jokes and fun things he’d pass along. I am going to miss him terribly. Thanks John, for all you did for us and for bringing us together in surprising ways!

Today is Memorial Day and that fact is not lost on me since I have a friend whose husband is currently is serving in the military reserves and is currently deployed for the 3rd time. I am thinking of you today, Jon!
Thanks to all our men and women in the military and associated services who are serving overseas.

Back to work tomorrow! Have a good one, all.

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