IT has been a whirlwind few weeks since we last spoke. Lots of company. My daughter-in-law, Lindsay, and grandson, Trifon, came to visit from Savannah. Trifon is now 15 months old and has 5 teeth. He loves to eat and he is talking up a storm though it’s still hard to understand what he is saying. I am sure that will change soon enough! Lindsay and Trifon were in town to attend first-hand my daughter Ileana’s Match Day. My son Raymond could not come because he had to work! : ( Match Day is when MD students all over the country learn where they will do their residencies for the next three years. It was an exciting, but also tense, event as no one knew whether or not they will get their choice of residency. But as luck would have it, Ileana got her first pick — MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) in Charleston is where she will spend the next three years. This means that we will not have to help her pack up and leave the area so we are happy.

Last weekend was also a special day at the College when students who have been accepted to the College for next year could come for a preliminary visit to see if this is the place they really want to come to attend college. There were 1,000 students here and it was very busy downtown and at the Library.

Spring has definitely sprung in Charleston. Today it is in the low 70s, the sun is shining, and everyone is smiling. Happy Spring!

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