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Katina Strauch
Against the Grain, LLC
P.O. Box 799
Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
FAX (843) 805-7918
cell: 843-509-2848
TID: 57-1045842


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2 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. Hi, Katina —

    I used to subscribe to ATG but no longer do. I was hoping to resubscribe to e-only. That doesn’t seem to be an option(?) I’m especially interested in the latest issue (June ’11) but apparently you cannot buy single issues (print -or- “e”). Is that true? Is the only option a $50 subscription to the print? How could I purchase a single issue? Will you offer an e-only option?

    Many thanks!

    Terry Ehling
    Cornell University
    Effective 8/1: Johns Hopkins University Press

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