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Article Submission Guidelines

Article Submission Deadlines:  Please send drafts for approval to Tom Gilson at gilsont@cofc.edu, and send all final drafts to Toni Nix at justwrite@lowcountry.com by the appropriate due date below.

2014 Events Issue Approval  Final Draft
ACRL February 2014 12/30/13 01/06/14
MLA, SLA, Book Expo April 2014 02/21/14 03/03/14
ALA Annual June 2014 04/04/14 04/14/14
Reference Isse September 2014 06/23/14 07/07/14
Charleston Conference November 2014 08/18/14 09/02/14
ALA Midwinter Dec. 2014/Jan. 2015 11/10/14 11/17/14