AGAINST THE GRAIN: June 2009 (v.21 # 3)

v.21 # 3 June 2009 © Katina Strauch


Trends: What’s Up With Peer Review?

 From Your Editor6
 Letters to the Editor6
 Guest Editor, Irving Rockwood 

Annual Report Issue— eBooks: State of the Art Guest Editors, Cris Ferguson, Betty Kelly and Julie Carter (Furman)
 Peer Review: The History, the Issues, and New Directions
by Irving Rockwood — Peer review is a much more important and more exciting topic than it might first appear.
 Current Peer Review Practice and Perceptions: The View from the Field
Mark Ware — Responses were received from over 3,000 academics from around the world who completed an online survey in late 2007.
 PLoS ONE: New Approaches and Initiatives in the Evolution of the Academic Journal
Peter Binfield — The PLoS ONE peer review process focuses on the objective assessment of scientific rigor and research integrity.
 Interactive Open Access Peer Review: The Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Model
Ulrich Pöschl — The editorial and citation statistics of ACP clearly demonstrate that interactive open access peer review indeed facilitates and enhances scientific communication and quality assurance.
 The Open Scholarship Full Disclosure Initiative: A Subversive Proposal
Gary Hall — Gary proposes the “Open Scholarship Full Disclosure Initiative” as a supplement to Stevan Harnad’s “subversive proposal.”
 The Odd Case of Book Reviews
David Shatz — Book reviews differ from most scholarly publications in a glaring respect: they are not peer reviewed.
 Op Ed
Tony Horava — The Implications of “Good Enough” and the Future of Libraries - While Voltaire didn’t work in a 21st century library, he could still teach us a thing or two about reaching beyond our circumstances.
 Back Talk
Tony Ferguson — There is an Old saying that Goes … - Tony made a decision to keep the library open 24/7 but he says no good turn goes unpunished.
 Meris Mandernauch
Collection Management Librarian, James Madison University
 Dennis Brunning Q&A with Carol Saller and Ann Ewbank
Including a side-story on The New Yorker Digital Reader and his Advice Column.
 Amy Kohrman
 Meris Mandernach
 From the Reference Desk
Tom Gilson — Reviews of Reference Titles - One of Tom’s selections for this issue is the Encyclopedia of the First Amendment.
 Book Reviews
Deb Vaughn — Monographic Musings - This month, explore antiquities, world religions, and cooking.

Edited by Bryan Carson, Bruce Strauch and Jack Montgomery
 Cases of Note — Copyright
Bruce Strauch — When A Bare Possibility of Access Is Not Enough - This one’s about music and copyright. Don’t miss it!
 Questions and Answers
Laura Gasaway — Copyright Column - Are libraries considered educational institutions? Lolly tells us.
 Biz of Acq
Michelle Flinchbaugh and Robin Moskal — The Development, Growth, and Maintenance of a Web-Based Book Order System - A sampling of tools and uses for RSS in Acquisitions is here!
 Random Ramblings
Bob Holley — “What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander” – Survival for Public Services when Print Collections Disappear - Bob says that creating a new model for liaison work with faculty is better than guaranteeing obsolescence by doing nothing.
Donna Jacobs — Admiring the Translator - What are we missing when we can’t read a work in the language in which it was originally written?
 From the University Presses
Sanford G. Thatcher — Is “Functional” Use “Transformative” and Hence “Fair”? A Copyright Conundrum - Sandy contends that the decision from a case in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on April 16, 2009 is troubling both intellectually and practically.
 And They Were There
Reports of Meetings - More from Ramune Kubilius and her crack team of reporters on the 2008 Charleston Conference, and more are coming, so keep reading!
 Bet You Missed It
Bruce Strauch — Press Clippings – In the News - What do Jerry Lewis and Donald Duck have in common? Read it here.
 Something to Think About
Mary (Tinker) Massey — Where’s the Journal? - This is about life with serials. You’ve been there.
 Little Red Herrings
Mark Y. Herring — We’re All Me-ists Now. - Mark shares thoughts on the rapid and furious demise of so many national newspapers.
 Lost in Austin
Thomas W. Leonhardt — Why I Don’t Blog - Tom has ten reasons plus he advocates the pen and paper approach instead.
 Issues in Vendor/Library Relations
Bob Nardini — Old - Bob points out that the action used to be on new books but it’s now on old ones.
 IMHBCO (In My Humble But Correct Opinion)
Rick Anderson — Is the Library Collection Too Risky? - should we ever again buy a book that we aren’t sure anyone wants?
 International Dateline — An Insight Into Publishing
Rita Ricketts — A continuation of Benjamin Henry’s publishing adventures.
 Crowd Control
Xan Arch — Are there new ways we can connect with customers that we could be missing?
 Standards Column
Todd Carpenter — Libraries to a Web Services Environment: Issues to Consider - In a Web services environment, an organization uses a third party service and their networked information resources to provide information technology, software and services, rather than owning and running all the services in-house.
 I Hear the Train A Comin’
Greg Tananbaum — ProQuest - This time Greg talks to Boe Horton and Marty Kahn about the company that just turned 70.
 Charleston Conference 2009
29th Annual Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition - Call For Papers, Ideas, Conference Themes, etc....
 Charleston Conference Future Dates