AGAINST THE GRAIN: February 2009 (v.21 # 1)

v.21 # 1 February 2009 © Katina Strauch


Taking Charge: Preserving Our Digital Heritage Part I

 From Your Editor6
 Letters to the Editor6
 Guest Editor, Amy Kohrman 

Annual Report Issue— eBooks: State of the Art Guest Editors, Cris Ferguson, Betty Kelly and Julie Carter (Furman)
 Taking Charge: Preserving Our Digital Heritage Part I
Amy Kohrman — This is the first of two ATG issues in which all the participants have the firm desire to ensure the survival of e-content for future generations.
 Triumphing Over Chance: The Case for CLOCKSS
Vic Elliott — Vic turns to H.L. Mencken, Jacques Derrida, and Thomas Jefferson to solve the digital preservation enigma.
 “Long Live the Corpse!” At-Risk Open-Access Humanities Journals in LOCKSS
Glen Worthey — As it happens, digital content in the humanities often carries with it the particular danger of economic instability.
 Springer’s eBook Preservation Strategy
Heather Ruland Staines — This article is meant to provide an overview of Springer’s participation in major digital preservation initiatives and to explore some of the technical and legal issues that surround preservation of eBook content.
 Tracking E-journal Preservation: Archiving Registry Service Anyone?
Peter Burnhill — The idea for a registry of archived scholarly publications has featured in various digital preservation and archiving discussions. Here’s a chance to learn more and to give your input in the discussions.
 MetaArchive: A Cooperative Approach to Distributed Digital Preservation
Katherine Skinner and Martin Halbert — What role will the Library take in digital preservation?
 Distributed Globally, Collected Locally: LOCKSS for Digital Government Information
Daniel Cornwall and James R. Jacobs — This one’s about access to digital government information.
 The Alabama Digital Preservation Network (ADPNet)
Aaron Trehub — The first working statewide Private LOCKSS Network (PLN) in the United States, ADPNet shows the value of this kind approach in the face of natural disasters.
 Op Ed — IMHBCO (pdf)
Rick Anderson — What’s Your Problem? (And What’s Mine?) - The cruel reality is that Google Book Search’s profit motive, less-than-perfect completeness, and lack of organized metadata are of little concern to our patrons. They are mainly of concern to us, as librarians
 Back Talk (pdf)
Tony Ferguson — Open Access, the Turning Point, and Methadone - Is OA about to hit its turning point in academic publishing?
 Dennis Dillon
Associate Director for Research Services, University of Texas Libraries
 Rich Rosy
Vice President and General Manager, Ingram Digital
 Sameer Shariff (pdf)
CEO, Impelsys

Edited by Barbara Dean
 Vic Elliott
 Glen Worthey
 Heather Ruland Staines
 Peter Burnhill
 Katherine Skinner
 Martin Halbert
 Daniel Cornwall
 James R. Jacobs
 Aaron Trehub
 Dennis Dillon
 Rich Rosy
 Sameer Shariff
 Designing a Tool for e-Resource Collection Assessment
Hana Levay — Swets Charleston Conference Scholarship Essay Contest Winner.
 Trick-and-Treat at California State University, Northridge
Helen Heinrich — And the Essay Contest Runner-up.
 From the Reference Desk
Tom Gilson — Reviews of Reference Titles - This month one of Tom’s selections include the Greenwood Encyclopedia of Love, Courtship, and Sexuality through History.
 Book Reviews
Deb Vaughn — Monographic Musings - This month, explore the customer-driven academic library.

Edited by Bryan Carson, Bruce Strauch, and Jack Montgomery
 Legally Speaking (pdf)
Bryan Carson — The Legality of Open Source Software Part II: Jacobsen v. Katzer - The discussion on Open Source Software continued.
 Questions and Answers (doc)
Laura Gasaway — Copyright Column - Does a reprint ever get a new copyright? Answers to this and many other questions from Lolly.
 Cases of Note — Copyright
Bruce Strauch — When Copyright Infringement Means Go To Jail - United States of America v. Muza Kim, a.k.a. Gyu Young Kim. Hey hey hey! You should check this out.
Donna Jacobs — Blindness - More about Donna’s frequent treasure hunts for the masterpieces on her Nobelist literature list.
 Biz of Acq
Sebastian Derry — Shooting the Rapids – Navigating Changing Video Formats - Blu-ray and HD-DVD have battled for marketplace supremacy and the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere. Have video-related developments left you wondering what the implications might be for your library and its video collection?
 And They Were There
2008 Charleston Conference Reports - Compiled by Ramune Kubilius and her crack team of reporters. The first installment of reports is here, and more are coming, so keep reading!
 From the University Presses
Sanford G. Thatcher — The Google Settlement: Boon, Boondoggle, or Mixed Blessing? - This is a question that is on all of our minds. Sandy’s review of the views to date is very thorough and enlightening.
 Building Library Collections in the 21st Century
Arlene Sievers-Hill — It’s the Economy, People - Arlene underscores our need to spend wisely and safely in this uncertain economic environment.
 Random Ramblings
Bob Holley — Barriers in Higher Education to Open Access and Institutional Repositories - In the legitimate push to change the mechanisms for distributing faculty research, have librarians underestimated the complicity of higher education in the current scholarly communication system?
 Bet You Missed It
Bruce Strauch — Press Clippings – In the News - What do landmark trials and big bucks from the Web have in common? Read it here.
 Notes from Mosier
Scott Smith — Opportunities and Risks - This one’s about change and the opportunities and challenges involved.
 Something to Think About
Mary (Tinker) Massey — Sometimes I Wonder? - Tinker wonders if the growing technology in this world has stricken us with a non-communicative group of young adults.
 Future Tense
Rick Lugg and Ruth Fischer — Doing What’s Obvious: Library Space and the Fat Smoker - This one’s about space and crowding in today’s library.
 Issues in Vendor/Library Relations
Bob Nardini — Out of Office - In his inimitable way, Bob tells us why being out of the office at meetings and conferences can be fulfilling.
 As I See It
John Cox — To License or not to License? SERU’s the Question - The dying gasps of the last century saw the first moves to some form of standardization of license terms.
 Little Red Herrings (pdf)
Mark Y. Herring — Not with a Bang - Some prominent aspects of the Google Book Search Deal and what it may mean for libraries.
 Papa Abel Remembers
Richard Abel — The Tale of a Band of Booksellers, Fasicle 8: The Birth of the Approval Plan - After several months of experimenting and refining the Approval Plan system, we were ready in the summer of 1964 to take the Plan out to a few other libraries.
 Lost in Austin
Thomas W. Leonhardt — In a Second-hand Bookshop - In this issue, Tom tells of his travels through Texas in search of rare book rooms and second-hand bookshops.
 International Dateline
Rita Ricketts — The Library of Blackwell’s - This is the story of the opening of the famous Broad Street Shop in Oxford.
 Pelikan’s Antidisambiguation — Emerging Technologies
Michael Pelikan — Amidst the marketing hype, the techno-babble, and the outrageous and continuing generation of terms-nouvelle, there are sometimes deep currents at work: trends that we overlook at our peril.
 Standards Column (pdf)
Todd Carpenter — Transforming Metadata - In an environment when controlling costs is a high priority for all organizations, the management and sharing of metadata can be an area of significant outlay.
 Technology Left Behind
Cris Ferguson — Social Cataloging and the Library OPAC - An emerging solution to the problem of subject headings used in library catalogs is social cataloging.
 I Hear the Train A Comin’
Greg Tananbaum — Institutional Repositories: The Promises of Yesterday - Greg’s wholly subjective assessment of how fully the institutional repository has lived up to initial promises.
 Charleston Conference 2009
29th Annual Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition - Call For Papers, Ideas, Conference Themes, Panels, Debates, Diatribes, Speakers, Poster Sessions, Preconferences, etc. ...
 Charleston Conference Future Dates
Future conference dates through 2012.
 You Gotta Go to School for “This?”
Jared Alexander Seay — A Rave Review as told by Jared Alexander Seay.
 On the Road
Bad Trip to London - A travel disaster story. Has anything like this ever happened to you?