AGAINST THE GRAIN: September 2004 (v.16 # 4)

v.16 # 4 September 2004 © Katina Strauch


Reference Publishing Issue

 From Your Editor6
 Letters to the Editor6
 Guest Editor, Tom Gilson 
 Buy One, Get One 'e' — or Has Print Finally Become Never, No More In Reference Collections? (pdf)
Frances C. Wilkinson and Linda K. Lewis — Since 1997 this keynote column in the 1reference issue of Against the Grain has asked librarians and publishers questions about reference publishing trends.
 Reference Reviews: A Publisher’s Critique
Sylvia K. Miller — In the past couple of years, more and more customers have been waiting to read reviews before ordering a reference book, even one from a reputable publisher whose scholarly quality they trust.
 Linking Students with Collections: or Getting Ready to Meet the Accreditation Train
Robert L. Houbeck, Jr. — A lot rides on successful management of those five- and ten-year accreditation reviews.
 Facts Go Online: Are Print Reference Collections Still Relevant?
Dave Tyckoson — How relevant are reference collections? Dave says that he was surprised when he said "everything we need has either been published or is on the Web."
 Electronic Reference: The Publishers’ View
Irv Rockwood — Choice recently conducted an online survey of reference publishers in an effort to find out what is happening on the electronic reference publishing front.
 Food for Thought — Information Quality in Reference Publishing
Karen Christensen — This two-part article is an introduction to the process of creating reference works today.
 Op Ed — Opinions and Editorials:Little Red Herrings: Filter-tipped Libraries
Mark Herring — Is it possible to say something positive about Internet filtering in libraries?

Guest Editors, Michelle Flinchbaugh and Robin Moskal
 Expanding the ILL Role — Interlibrary Loan Contributing to Collection Development
Catherine A. Reed — The College of William & Mary ran a pilot project to selectively purchase monographs.
 Digital Delivery of Interlibrary Loan and Democratic Digital Collection Development at Stanford
Glen Worthey — Two successive projects funded by grants demonstrated successful solutions to two distinct sets of problems.
 ILL=Illuminating Lessons Learned?
Christa Easton — The creation of digital repositories will require acquisitions departments to develop new processes to meet institutional needs.
 Acquisitions and Interlibrary Loan Together: Good Marriage or Will George W. Bush Object?
Joe Badics — This is about how Acquisitions can take over the library!
 Six Years of CISTI Source at the University of Calgary (pdf)
Robert Tiessen — The University of Calgary has used CISTI Source as an unmediated document delivery service since 1998.
 Long Island Library Resources Council Committee on Resource Sharing and Coordinated Acquisitions, Interlibrary Loan Committee
Christine Wondolowski Gerstein — Licensing and managing electronic resources, a selective introduction to information sources.
 Back Talk — Patriotism (pdf)
Tony Ferguson — The Patriot Act, too familiar for comfort.
 Jim Stephens - Chairman of the Board, EBSCO
 George Machovec - Associate Director, Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries and Managing Editor, TCA

Edited by Allison Mays
 Christa Easton, Stanford University
 Joe Badics, Eastern Michigan University
 Robert Tiessen, University of Calgary
 Christine Wondolowski Gerstein, Hofstra University
 From the Reference Desk: Reviews of Reference Titles
Tom Gilson — Encyclopedia of Energy; Encyclopedia of Leadership; and Encyclopedia of Geomorphology are just a few of the titles reviewed this month.
 Book Reviews: Monographic Musings
Debbie Vaughn — In this issue, reviewer Phillip Powell investigates A Place at the Table: Struggles for Equality in America.

Edited by Bryan Carson, Bruce Strauch and Jack Montgomery
 Legally Speaking - "A Wink is as good as a Nod:" The Law of Trade Secrets
Bryan Carson — Trade secrets are a type of intellectual property. This article is about the law of trade secrets.
 Cases of Note: Copyright - When An Upturned Nose Can Be Owned
Bruce Strauch — Mattel, Inc. v. Goldberger Doll Manufacturing Co. and Radio City Productions, LLC.
 Questions and Answers: Copyright Column
Laura Gasaway — Questions and Answers galore!
 Biz of Acq: Book Vendor Evaluation from a Small Academic Library’s Perspective
Cynthia Hsieh — How do acquisitions librarians determine what vendors to use? Do they evaluate their vendors’ performance?
 And They Were There: Reports of Meetings
Sever Bordeianu — Sharon Moynahan and Wendy Pedersen report on the 49th Annual SALALM.
 Issues in Vendor/Library Relations: A Bibliotecal Heresy: Cost over Quality?
John B. Rutledge — Since John’s personal level of angoisse rises and falls with the exchange rate, he decided to gather some information about several of the most expensive presses he is dealing with.
 A Bibliotecal Heresy — Response from Walter de Gruyter
Dr. Anke Beck — More on the debate about the price structure of books being published.
 Leaving the Books Behind: Preservation Woes
Stephanie A. Kobezak — This one’s about adventures in preservation land.
 Bet You Missed It
Pamela Rose — What do Brazil and DNA have in common? Read about it here!
 IMHBCO: No, You May Not Come Train My Staff
Rick Anderson — It’s become a familiar ritual by now. So why does Rick almost always say no?
 International Dateline
Anthony Watkinson — Have e-monographs been ignored while e-journals took center stage?

Edited by Pat Harris
 Electronic Resource Management Systems From ILS Vendors
Ellen Finnie Duranceau — This cleared up a lot of your editor’s confusion and yours too, I hope.
 ERMS Race
Bob Molyneux — A first look at Electronic Resource Management from the Endeavor Digital Breakfast at ALA, Orlando.
 Innovations Affecting Us: Extending the Life-Cycle of Optical Media
Norman Desmarais — Optical media were supposed to be virtually indestructible. So what can we do now that we know those claims were overstated?
 Wandering the Web: Web Resources for Beginning Educators
Darla Bressler —
 Rumo(u)rs from Paddington
Daryl Rayner —
 Adventures in Librarianship: Haiku
Ned Kraft — Ned says the job of judging this contest was more difficult than you can imagine.