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What Must Arise

by gilsont

Format, ISBN, Price: Paperback, 978-1618460264, $10.00
Publisher: Library Partners Press

What Must Arise is a collection of recent poems by Donald Beagle, Library Director, Belmont Abbey College, Belmont, NC. Mr. Beagle’s poems have won multiple academic awards, and have been published in recognized journals from Carolina Quarterly in the south to Lake Superior Review in the north; from Agora on the east coast to Blue Unicorn on the west coast.



“I spent pleasant hours lost in Beagle’s landscapes and melodies. ‘On Performing Bach’s Dorian Toccata’ to me is an immediate extravagance, a breathtakingly complex, fugal journey into the minds of the composer, performer, and worlds of Bach and us alike. The triptych of musical poems from Hydrogen Jukebox to Bruckner to Bach is extraordinary, and I am lost in the reverie and embrace of the snow and paths of the Poets’ Walk in the second, while the first captures …the cosmogonic and ‘hypertrophic high-tech… psychological state’ (in Ginz’s words) of the work … There were, of course, other paths I took, swimming out with the poet into the night and death with the jellyfish, visiting Sullivan’s Island and its sandpiper calligraphy, the story of the monks and the shroud as altarcloth….but for now, here on ‘the frontier of winter’ these songs leave me caught up in ‘the evasive meter / of ecstatic poetry.’ ” ~Michael Joyce, Professor of Creative Writing & Media Studies; Vassar College, .–Michael Joyce’s twelve books include seven novels, most recently FOUCAULT, IN WINTER, IN THE LINNAEUS GARDEN (Starcherone Books, 2015) and TWENTIETH CENTRUY MAN (Otis Books / Seismicity Editions, 2014). Joyce’s poetry collections include BIENNIAL: POEMS (BlazeVOX, 2015), and a book-length sequence of poems, PARIS VIEWS (BlazeVOX 2012).

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