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KnowledgeSpeak reports that “Annette Thomas, former Chief Executive Officer, Macmillan Science and Education, will leave her role as Chief Scientific Officer, Springer Nature. After 23 years with Macmillan companies and following nearly a year in her new role as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and as a Board member of Springer Nature, Annette Thomas has decided to leave the company.

Annette oversaw a successful transition of the Macmillan businesses into Springer Nature when the company was created following a merger between the majority of Macmillan Science and Education (MSE) and Springer Science+Business Media in 2015. As global head of the research organisation, Annette was instrumental in shaping Springer Nature and in setting the strategic direction for the new company, which is a world leader in open access, in high impact content and in academic books.

An innovator in scientific publishing, Annette oversaw the expansion of Nature Publishing Group from two journals when she joined in 1993 to the 60 Nature-branded journals that exist today. An early advocate of open access, she spearheaded Nature’s developments in this area including the launch of Nature Communications, Scientific Reports and the Nature Partner Journals programme.

She was an early pioneer in unlocking the power of data and technology to improve research workflows and outcomes, creating the start-up incubator Digital Science in 2010 whilst serving as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Macmillan Publishers, a role she held since 2007. In 2011, she was appointed CEO of MSE where she successfully led a global transformation programme that put the customer at the heart of the business. This programme included the expansion of the Macmillan Group in China and the creation of new ‘campus’ style offices for over 3,000 staff in London and in New York. The offices fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration across the group whilst accelerating growth and increasing efficiency. Within Springer Nature, 2015 was a record year of industry-leading growth for the Macmillan companies.

Going forward, Steven Inchcoombe, previously Managing Director, Nature Research Group, will assume a broader role within the Springer Nature research organisation and become a member of the Springer Nature Board. As part of this, he will share responsibility for the existing reporting lines of Annette Thomas with Springer Nature CEO, Derk Haank.

According to infoDOCKET “the New York Public Library has named Tony Ageh Chief Digital Officer, responsible for the institution’s ongoing digital transformation and its visionary work in making its collections and services as accessible as possible.

He is scheduled to start on April 11.

Ageh comes to the Library from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London – one of the largest media organizations in the world – where he has held a variety of leadership positions since 2002 and, in that time, has managed over 300 staff members. His accomplishments include the development and implementation of the BBC’s Internet strategy, which grew its web traffic from 2 million users per day to over 25 million over a five year period. He also created and implemented the BBC iPlayer (an internet streaming catchup television and radio service for people in the United Kingdom), which has delivered over 10 billion programs to the British public and on average receives 10 million requests per day.

Most recently, Ageh acted as controller of the BBC’s Archive Strategy, making their substantial archives of radio, television, images and documents – and by extension British culture and creativity – increasingly accessible to the public in the UK and beyond. Key accomplishments included releasing over 1 million programs to those in education, publishing a searchable catalogue of the BBC’s entire broadcast output since 1923 and partnering with organizations such as the British Library and the Open Data Institute to develop a collaborative approach to open access to learning and cultural resources known as the Digital Public Space…

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