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breakfast news-pixabay*Collection Development Roundup: 20 Full Text Reports with Research, Reference Value;   *MIT, Harvard Researchers are Developing “Sieve” Cryptographic System, Offers Users Control of Who Can See, Use Your Data;   *Preservation and arts organizations partner on Performing Arts Emergency Preparedness Initiative;   *Keeping Up With… Research Information Management Systems; and *New Report Offers a Swedish Take on Library eBook Systems Around the Globe;  plus more library and publishing news from a variety of sources.

infoDOCKET has gathered these full text reports for consideration “for local cataloging, email newsletters, or simply passing along in an email with those who might them useful.  Many of them “include data visualizations, data files, etc.”

Citing MIT News, infoDOCKET also notes that “generally users have no idea which data items their apps are collecting, where they’re stored, and whether they’re stored securely. Researchers at MIT and Harvard University hope to change that, with an application they’re calling Sieve.

With Sieve, a Web user would store all of his or her personal data, in encrypted form, on the cloud. Any app that wanted to use specific data items would send a request to the user and receive a secret key that decrypted only those items. If the user wanted to revoke the app’s access, Sieve would re-encrypt the data with a new key.

Library Technology Guides reports that “the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation recently awarded a grant of $50,000 to LYRASIS, a … member-based non-profit organization serving libraries, archives, and museums, to facilitate planning with eight partner organizations to design a program to build capacity and improve emergency preparedness within performing arts organizations…”

According to ACRL Insider “the latest edition of Keeping Up With…, ACRL’s online current awareness publication featuring concise briefs on trends in academic librarianship and higher education, is now available. This month’s issue features a discussion of Research Information Management Systems by Marlee Givens…”

Digital Reader reports that “the Nordic ebook distributor Elib published a report in February which summarizes the state of library ebooks in various countries around the world. The 16-page report (PDF) can be found on the Elib website, and it mainly focuses on Europe, the US, and Canada while ignoring the rest of the world…”


More library and publishing news from a variety of sources

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