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breakfast news-pixabay*Supreme Court Rejects Apple’s Appeal;   *Digital Preservation Coalition Releases New Tech Watch Report on Preserving Social Media;   *National Library of Scotland Digitizes 3000 18th and 19th Century Scottish Chapbooks;   *Readex Releases Civil Rights History Archive;   and *Ready Reference Apps: EU Country Profiles and Economic Data From Eurostat;  plus more library and publishing news from a variety of sources.

Publishers Weekly reports that “at its conference on Friday, March 4, the Supreme Court declined to take up Apple’s appeal in its e-book price-fixing case, effectively ending one of the publishing industry’s most closely-watched legal battles.

The Supreme Court’s denial of certiorari also means that Judge Denise Cote’s 2013 decision finding Apple liable is now considered final, triggering $400 million in refunds to e-book consumers under the terms of a 2014 settlement with 33 states and a consumer class. In addition, Apple will pay some $50 million in fees and attorney costs…”

According to infoDOCKET the report Preserving Social Media “was written by Sara Day Thomson was released online today and is part of the DPC Technology Watch Reports series. The report is free to download.”

infoDOCKET also reports that “over 3,000 Scottish chapbooks are now on the Library’s Digital Gallery! You find them under the heading “Chapbooks printed in Scotland”. These chapbooks were printed in the 18th and 19th centuries across the country…”

According to Information TodayReadex is launching Civil Rights in America: From Reconstruction to the Great Society this month. This fully searchable archive is composed of digitized congressional documents that relate to all aspects of civil rights in the U.S., such as voting rights, race and education, civil rights legislation, workers’ rights, and gender and sexual discrimination…”

In addition infoDOCKET notes the availability “the Eurostat Country Profiles application gives mobile access to the main statistical data for the EU and its Member States, the euro area, EFTA countries, EU candidate countries and a few other countries.

The update function allows the downloading of the freshest data from the Eurostat data server.

The Eurostat Country Profiles app is free to download/use. Available for Android and iOS.


More library and publishing news from a variety of sources

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