ATG Quirkies: Half of Amazon’s Top 10 Best Sellers Are Coloring Books!

adult coloring bookThe adult coloring craze continues and there is no end in sight – and Amazon’s bestsellers list proves it! According to Forbes, five of the top ten best sellers on the retail giant’s website are adult coloring books!  Why? The article offers a number of reasons ranging from the nostalgia factor to the desire for creative expression to the need for stress relief.

A little background. Adult coloring books can be traced to the 1960s but it’s with the emergence of social media that they have exploded in popularity. Najeeb Khan, founder of The Monthly Coloring Club — an adult coloring subscription service, notes that “Social media made it easier to share finished work… which acts as a catalyst for the growth of the trend.”

And nothing seems to be slowing this growth as a number of both established publishers and new startups are getting into the act.

But, of course, to get the full story you’ll need to checkout the article.

(Thanks, as always, to John Riley of Gabriel Books for providing ATG Quirkies!)

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