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Professional Growth and Development Opportunities

  • UKSG:
  • UC Davis – IFHA;
  • ALCTS;
  • Ithaka S+R;
  • PASIG; 

Vendor Showcase

…In this presentation we introduce some basic learning analytics concepts, identifying tools and workflows staff may wish to consider. As part of this we also consider the dangers of analytics identifying areas which may lead to learner demotivation or misconception and the questions we should all be asking ourselves to make sure we are always gaining good actionable insight.

Date: Tuesday 26 January 2016
Time: 1400 GMT
Duration: 45 minutes including Q&A (up to 60 minutes maximum if there is sufficient demand for an extended Q&A)

The conference is open to the public. Although attendance will be on first-come first-serve basis, we will reserve seats for out-of-town participants. Register here.


This conference explores a recent evolution of scholarly misconduct connected to the increasing reliance of metrics in the evaluation of individual faculty, departments, and universities. Misconduct has traditionally been tied to the pressures of “publish or perish” and, more recently, to the broadened opportunities enabled by electronic publications. The conference takes the next step and asks whether the modalities of misconduct have changed in time to adapt themselves not just to the general demands of “publish or perish” but to the specific features and techniques of the modern processes of academic evaluation variously connected to the notion of “metrics.” Have we moved from “publish or perish” to “impact or perish”?…

Date: Wednesday, 2/10/2016
Time: 2:00 PM (Eastern); 1:00 PM (Central); 12:00 PM (Mountain); and 11:00 AM (Pacific)2:00 PM (Eastern)

This webinar will introduce an increasingly common method for negotiating library materials and services: the memorandum of understanding. It will present the MoU as a tool for lower-stakes arrangements that still require formal documentation and describe how MoUs are different from a standard contract under the law and in institutional practice. Finally, it will offer tips and resources to help librarians work with MoUs in their day to day practice…

Date: Wednesday, 3/16/2016
Time: 2:00 PM (Eastern); 1:00 PM (Central); 12:00 PM (Mountain); and 11:00 AM (Pacific)

This session will be a primer to digital library preservation, assuming little or no background in protecting and ensuring access to both born digital and digitized collections, including text, images, and AV collections. The presentation will provide tools to begin extending the useful life of library collections.

This session is part 3 of a 3-part series, Library Preservation Today:


Ithaka S+R is offering two workshops at UCLA’s Charles E. Young Research Library this March to help librarians ensure that the digital initiatives they spearhead continue to thrive and grow. Registration is now open for Introduction to Business Planning for Your Library and Finding and Keeping an Audience in a Competitive Environment

These workshops are appropriate for individuals who are

  • Developing data management services
  • Running journal publication programs within a library
  • Creating digital resources
  • Designing maker spaces or digital media labs within a library
  • Managing institutional repositories…

Registration is open for the next PASIG (Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group) event, March 9-11, at the Czech National Library of Technology in Prague. Note that the attendee cost is 200€ until the end of January and 250€ February 1 on. To view the agenda and register, go to A list of local hotels is available on the website.

This is a great opportunity for organizations setting up preservation repositories to collaborate and work directly with leaders in the field. PASIG focuses on 1) addressing practical preservation questions, 2) hearing about best practices and new technologies from global experts, 3) investigating the convergence of on-premise architectures and the Cloud, 4) how to set up, initiate, and audit the metrics of a preservation project, 5) key global project updates, and 6) solution provider and end customer collaboration. PASIG is a highly collaborative and interactive forum and generally attracts a large contingent of new participants.

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