ATG Quirkies: All the Pelican Book Covers: Pick Your Favorites

Source Wikipedia

Source Wikipedia

Check out the Pelican Project at the things magazine website.  It features photos of the book covers from Pelican the non-fiction imprint of Penguin Books.They may be torn and tattered but they have that recognizable design that can be traced from the 1930’s to the 1980’s.*

*According to Wikipedia Pelican was “originally founded in 1937,[1] Pelican Books combined important topics with clear prose to create inexpensive paperbacks for a broad audience. Before being discontinued in 1984,[2] Pelican Books published thousands of accessible, stimulating books covering a wide range of subjects from classical music to molecular biology to architecture. The imprint was relaunched in April 2014,[3] with the first five titles appearing in May.[4]

 ( The source of all ATG Quirkies is John Riley of Gabriel Books)


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One thought on “ATG Quirkies: All the Pelican Book Covers: Pick Your Favorites

  1. I love this post. It brings back memories of used bookstores and my own used books. Great imprint and the paperbacks, although faded from wear and age, felt soft, read easily. Unfortunately I’m no longer the young man and most of my Pelicans have flown.