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Library of Congress library-74038_1280Library of Congress announces $200,000 in literacy prizes; Internet Archive Launches Flickr Commons Collection; HarperCollins UK goes direct-to-consumer: Is Amazon worried yet?; Following a ‘spectacular’ restoration, a treasured Yale landmark reopens to the public; U.S. Dept. of Defense: DARPA’s Open Catalog Expands Listings; Wikipedia Begins Beta Testing of “Other Projects Sidebar” & Adds Search Syntax; Walters State Community College partners with McGraw-Hill Education to provide all-digital learning experience; and Atypon’s Literatum platform to host all ICE Publishing content from mid-2015.

The Washington Post reports that “Literacy organizations from Oregon to Turkey are among the winners of this year’s Library of Congress Literacy Awards, announced Saturday at the National Book Festival in Washington. The prizes are funded by Washington-based philanthropist David M. Rubenstein…”

Internet_Archive_logo_and_wordmark.svg  Internet Archive Launches Flickr Commons Collection

According to Resource Shelf “the Internet Archive processed more than 2 million volumes from its digital archive, compiling more than 14 million high resolution images spanning nearly every topic imaginable. Each image includes detailed descriptions, including the subject tags of the book it came from and the text immediately surrounding it on the page. The latter is especially powerful, as it allows to keyword search 500 years of images, instantly accessing particular topics or themes…”

Teleread reports that that “HarperCollins in the UK has introduced across-the-board direct sales for its books, including hard copy as well as ebooks. The ebooks have to be downloaded and read on HarperCollins’s dedicated HC Reader app (also available for Kindle Fire, cheekily enough), in conjunction with a HarperCollins account…”

The majestic entrance nave in Yale University’s Sterling Memorial Library (SML) reopens to the public on Monday, Aug. 25, marking the completion of a major restoration project that has returned the nave to its original architectural splendor and brought about improvements that will better serve the needs of library users in the 21st century.

InfoDOCKET reports that “the DARPA Open Catalog—a six-month-old public web portal that organizes and shares the results of DARPA research—… expanded its research listings to include peer-reviewed publications and other material from the agency’s Biological Technologies Office (BTO) and Defense Sciences Office (DSO). Along with that expansion, the website now offers open source software, peer-reviewed publications and other research materials from the majority of programs in the agency’s Information Innovation Office (I2O) that have public information to share.

InfoDOCKET also notes that “you can now opt-in and participate in a beta test of the “Other Projects Sidebar” with links provided by WikiData.… Details about how to opt-in to these beta tests (along with several others) can be found here...”

According to KnowledgeSpeak “Walters State Community College has teamed with McGraw-Hill Education to offer an all-digital course experience designed to engage and drive the performance of its biology students. As part of the collaboration, students taking biology courses will receive their course resources, including content and assessment, through McGraw-Hill Connect and LearnSmart, McGraw-Hill Education’s digital teaching and learning platform and adaptive learning technology for higher education…”

KnowledgeSpeak also reports that “CE Publishing, a leading provider of information in the fields of civil engineering, construction, and materials science, has announced a partnership with Atypon, a provider of software to the scientific and scholarly publishing industry. Under the deal, Atypon’s Literatum platform will host all ICE Publishing content from mid-2015…”

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