News & Announcements 11/23/13

There has been a great deal of discussion about access to Thompson Reuters content since we posted a report from Outsell announcing a Thomson Reuters – Google Scholar Linkage.

InfoDOCKET has posted the following letter from Thomson Reuters re: Discovery Service Access to Web of Science (Nov. 22) that helps clarify the situation.

“Thomson Reuters continues innovation in the Web of Science with easier access, easier research discovery and better research tools. Starting January 2014, we will launch a collaboration with Google Scholar to facilitate the seamless movement to and from Web of Science. Our next generation interface (which also launches January 2014) will provide easier access to the broadest set of citation content available, and a better search experience for researchers and students at all levels.

Thomson Reuters will continue to respond to customer and user preferences by providing access from both library and open web environments. We have been in the process of evaluating our relationships with the three major discovery service providers [EBSCO/Proquest/Ex-Libris] and have decided to continue the indexing of Web of Science in them.

As with all third-party content relationships, we continually evaluate the intermediary representation of our content to ensure it is delivering value to our customers and end-users. Thomson Reuters is committed to working with [EBSCO/Proquest/Ex-Libris] and our customers to demonstrate the value of Web of Science to end-users.

We recognize and support library initiatives to create a single entry point for all library resources.

As such, we are actively supporting and accommodating access to Web of Science with a range of approaches including:

  • Links from Google Scholar for existing Web of Science customers
  • Discovery Services
  • Federated Search and/or database recommenders which can be configured in partnership with your Discovery Services provider
  • Direct Links to Web of Science
  • Web of Science search box

We look forward to sharing the next generation Web of Science with you.

Kind regards

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One thought on “News & Announcements 11/23/13

  1. So is Google Scholar only providing links to Web of Science content that they have already indexed? Or is Web of Science letting Google Scholar index their content?