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RLUK joins the European Library; Simon & Schuster and B&N reach a deal; MIT Press partners with OU Press; a new IFLA report on the global information environment; Online textbook rental service Chegg files IPO; and Millions qualify for E-book refunds


 Research Libraries UK has joined The European Library

The UK consortium of scholarly libraries, Research Libraries UK (RLUK), has recently joined The European Library, a membership organisation that provides services to researchers, with access to more than 200 million records and digital items from all of Europe’s national libraries and a growing number of research libraries…

The NY Times reports that “after a dispute over terms that stretched for most of the year, Simon & Schuster and Barnes & Noble said in a joint statement on Monday that they had “resolved their outstanding business issues…”

Barnes & Noble, … was locked in a disagreement with Simon & Schuster over how much it was willing to pay for books.  Major publishers have said in recent months that Barnes & Noble has sharply increased its demands on publishers while making the case that its stores provide valuable “showroom” space and increase sales as a result…”

According to Information World Review “The MIT Press is to partner with Oxford University Press to launch MIT Press Scholarship Onlineon OUP’s University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) platform to take advantage of a fully enabled XML environment with cutting edge search and discovery functionality…”

Today “the 19th of August IFLA launched the IFLA Trend Report at the World Library and Information Congress in Singapore. The IFLA Trend Report encompasses an extensive information repository,online discussion forum and an Insights Document emphasizing five top level trends for the information environment…

The IFLA Trend Report is designed to help librarians and information professionals become more aware of the changing society they operate in. Its expanding global platform,, will help start a global dialogue with IFLA members and partners about adapting to the evolving information environment…”

Chegg Inc., an online college textbook seller and rental service, filed for an initial public offering of stock this week and says it expects to raise $150 million… In 2012, customers completed 3.7 million transactions on, and the merchant rented or sold more than four million printed and electronic textbooks, according to the filing.

lawsuit money-thumb - Qualify for E-book Refunds

According to Publisher Weekly “the $166 million publishers have agreed to pay to settle e-book price fixing charges with the states and consumer class could soon begin flowing to consumers, and PW has learned that more than 23 million consumer accounts are eligible to receive refunds.

Representatives from Rust Consulting, the firm retained to administer the settlement fund, confirmed to PW that 23,073,840 customers of Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, and Sony have been directly notified via e-mail or by postcard that they are eligible to participate in the settlement. That figure represents consumer accounts, a Rust representative explained to PW, not the number of individual consumers, as some consumers have accounts with multiple retailers, or multiple accounts at a single retailer…”


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