Highlights from the Upcoming Charleston Conference – Request for Input from Attendees

The Changing World of eBooks

Charleston in 2012 welcomes two of the real experts on the amazing way in which eBooks are being transformed, not in the academic sector but in the consumer sector. Peter Brantley and Mike Shatzkin will tell us how it is as they tell a wide audience on blogs and lists. Books as vehicles of content are no longer as we know them – neither in form or functionality. Indeed can the word “book” really describe what readers are consuming? Most Charlestonians work in the academic sector either as librarians, vendors or publishers but they also live in the wider world. What is the future of the eBook and how might it impact on our day jobs? The moderator Anthony Watkinson (University College London) is keen to know what questions you want him to ask these distinguished and very vocal visitors. His e-mail is anthony.watkinson@btinternet.com.  Comments of all sorts welcome.

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